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Madeleine Tuttle

Madeleine’s watercolors have been exhibited in museums and galleries in Europe, North America, and Asia.


Madeleine Tuttle

During her early childhood years growing up in the French part of Switzerland, Madeleine earnestly began her life-long exploration of the many varieties of creative artistic expression, and when she moved to the Swiss German region at the age of nine she continued her interest in the arts, often astonishing adults with her craft skills, especially in needlework and design. Upon completing her schooling and then running a retail music business in Basel, she decided to deepen her investigation of art, education, and meditation through studies in England, Switzerland, and the U.S. that led to her becoming a certified Waldorf school teacher.

She loved learning and practicing the most natural methods of watercolor painting, using only primary colors from pure sources, and mixing them herself to create the delicate shades she sought. From this basis, her art developed over the next 40 years, strongly influenced by her interest in meditation and eastern philosophy, and her extensive travels covering six continents. Her formal studies of ink brush painting in Japan have contributed a Zen spirit to her unique watercolor style, and another important factor in her artistic development has been her love for animals, and her many years of bird-watching and traveling great lengths to see animals in their natural habitat.

Her watercolors have been exhibited in museums and galleries in Europe, North America, and Asia. Besides providing art for CDs and books, she has a line of original art-cards as well as over 20 of her paintings available as limited edition prints. She also collaborates with her husband, author and musician Will Tuttle, in creating personalized Music and Art Portraits for individuals and couples.

Madeleine’s art is strongly influenced by her practices of meditation, intuition development, vegan living, and her musicianship as a flutist. It is propelled by her love of nature, animals, and people, and refined by her sensitivity to the spiritual dimension beyond the physical. Her creative blending of vibrant and delicate colors reveals some of her vision—that within the inherent tension of opposites and underlying the vast arrays of differences, there is a mysteriously unifying life to be explored and celebrated.



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