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Tara King-Haagen

Tara King-Haagen has over 25 years of experience in the industry. Her motto in life is “Make life an art form, it makes your life count!”


tara king Haagen

Tara King-Haagen has 25 years fashion and art industry experience, having worked as a model, stylist, brand manager, creative director, professor, designer and artist. Her art has been shown in the Getty, in LA and The Crocker museum in Sacramento.

She co-designed fashion design and marketing curriculum, started and participated in sustainable clubs for key universities, and she taught at some of the major fashion colleges around the world.

She is the descendant of 3 Liberian presidents: Joseph Jinkins Roberts  1847-1856 , Daniel E Howard 1912-1920 and Charles DB King 1920-1930, which is where some of her family relocated after being freed in America. Tara’s great grandfather was the first African to sign for the United Nations. This illustrious background has given her a particular view of the world and a strong perspective of her identity as an African American.

She is passionate about designing virtual retreats, workshops and counseling creative souls, mothers returning to work, and anyone looking to transform and design a new life.

Tara's career began as assistant buyer at the famous Browns in London, traveling with the owner, the legendary Mrs. B: buying such labels as Matthew Williamson, Dolce and Gabbana, Helmut Lang, Hervé Léger, Issey Miyake, Julian Mac Donald and Alexander Macqueen. Among celebrity clients were Janet Jackson, The Spice Girls, Jack Nicolson, Elle McPherson, and Naomi Campbell. 

Tara worked in Paris and London, teaching and designing new courses in fashion marketing, luxury and creative branding as well as lecturing in fashion journalism, styling and trend forecasting.  She speaks fluent German and French and, in addition to her fashion and design background, holds certificates in color therapy, coaching, art therapy, leading kundalini circles, and reiki. 

Earthtribe Native life style brand inspired her in college, well before she started to manufacture for them. All things sustainable are important to her and she is currently working with Earthtribe Institute, designing workshops for artists, jewelry and fashion designers in developing nations, helping them to create balanced lives.

In addition to all the above she volunteers at Compassionate Arts in Pasadena as their Creative Marketing Director and at the Getty as a docent. Her motto in life is Make Life an Art Form it Makes Your Life Count!



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