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Tom Krysiak

Tom Krysiak is a L'Arche Daybreak artist from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.


Tom Krysiak

Tom Krysiak is one of the founding members of the L’Arche Daybreak Craft Studio. He is an accomplished potter, candle-maker, painter and sketcher. Tom is able to draw in 3-D perspective and uses great detail in his drawings. He draws a wide range of images but is most well known for his depiction of Daybreak buildings, detailed drawings of people and super heroes (!). Tom is also very patriotic and will often add a Canadian or American flag to his drawings. His imagination is boundless. 

Reproduction – I am King
The original of the reproduction digital print (I am King) is an acrylic on canvas painting. It was painted in 2013 as part of a project Homage to Famous Artists. The process was to look at paintings of great painters, learn the techniques, and create an homage painting while adding a personal interpretation.

This Print won the Jane Cameron Award in 2016 which is an award in  memory of Jane Cameron, a talented artist with Down syndrome, and in recognition of her contributions to the arts. In 2001 the Jane Cameron Archives Committee (JCAC) and the Canadian Down Syndrome Society (CDSS) established an annual award for a person with Down syndrome who displays expertise in an area of the visual arts.



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