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Global Gala 2022

Watch the Global Gala


Watch Global Gala 2022



This is a fundraiser to help sustain the mission of Charter for Compassion.

Everyone is invited. Your donations support our global work!

The Charter for Compassion hosted the Annual Global Gala on SATURDAY NOVEMBER 12, 2022 and we greatly appreciate your donation to access the recording right here!

You´ll be able to watch it as many times as you like by using the link you'll get in your email.

View our website to read about our honorees, presenters, and performers. This is an event that will stay with you long after it ends. Treat yourself to learning more about our selected Architects of Justice, their work and commitment to compassionate action, hear from others who speak to their work, and enjoy musical renditions that have special meaning in their lives and will likely become part of your own.

Each minute of the Gala is very powerful!


Use this time/date converter to check local times.



Global Gala Supporters

Diane Abou
Riazuddin Ahmed
Cheryl C Allen
Marj Andre 
Renee Barbee
Charles Barker
David Bender
Susan Bloch
Betsy Bowie
Starita Boyce
Harry Brown
Linda Browne
Ervin Bullock
Mary Catherine Burgess
Helen Butler
Sedena Cappannelli 
Kira Carrillo Corser
Aneela Charania
Ronald Christensen
Rev. Jan Chase
Karen Cilevitz 
Craig Cline 
Sheila Clark
Jennifer Colby
Audrey L. Covner
Nancy Culbert
Francis C Dane
Sally Davis
Mary Donaghy
Sophia Douglas
Cynthia Figge
Rebekah Fowler
Deborah Franke
Jamie Friday
Jo Ann Gaines
Jeff Genung 
Cecilia González
Ma. Cristina González
Sharon Grady

Lucy Gray
Tami Grayevsky 
Judy Greenstein
Heather Hall 
Marilyn Hamilton
Rick Hanson
Sharon Gubbay Helfer
Ann Helmke
Fred Henry
Shane Hermosa
Anne Hopkins 
Barbara Hoppe
Laura Hubber
Tatiana Hyde
Sara Jamil 
Susan Kagan
Barbara L Kaufmann 
Holly J Kellar 
Gail Kennon
John Kesler 
Stephenie Khan
Diane Kirksey
Marcelle Kors
Steve Kramer
Rosanne Lapan
Andrea LeBlanc 
Elizabeth Lin
Sue Lindton
Debbie Ling
Michael Lisagor
Trude Lisagor
Yaffa Maritz
Ethel Mac
Carmelinda Mann
Merida McCarthy 
Olivia McIvor
Paul Merriman
Zan Merriman
Mary-Lou Montgrain
Chris Montone
Linda Montone
Maya Nader

Yenifer Nahar
Barbara Nahmias
Barbara Newsom
Shane O´Connor
Pat O'Rourke 
Alison Oresman
Joyce Ortega
George Pate
Tracy Piette 
Dawn Popatia
Madonna Quixley
Teresa Roche 
Deborah Rosen
Debi Rosenblum
Dr. Frances Scully
Gary Senft 
Selena Sermeno
Sara Schairer
Andre Sheldon
Raika Sheppard
Zahava Sherez 
Eleanor Silverberg
Patricia Simon
Marlene Simmons
Heather Skoll
Susan P Soleil
Rita Stangl
Margaret Stine
Sis Carla M Streeter
Debi Strong
Kathy Swanson
Kate Trnka
Marilyn Turkovich
Katherine Van Uum
Lynn de Vree
Arun Wakhlu
Lesa R. Walker 
Pattie Williams
Camille Winnie
Nancy Zick


Masthead Art "Love" by ZaHaVa Sherez, Featured artist for the Global Gala


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