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Golden Rule Day

Golden Rule Day

Watch the Recording of Each Session from the Golden Rule Day 2024


Join our celebration of Golden Rule Day! Friday, April 5th


The Golden Rule stands as a cornerstone for the evolution of societies towards greater peace and harmony. At its core, it urges individuals to transcend selfish impulses and cultivate a deeper understanding of one another. As societies embrace this principle, they embark on a journey of collective growth and enlightenment. By prioritizing empathy, cooperation, and mutual respect, communities can overcome divisions and build bridges across cultural, religious, and ideological differences. This evolutionary process fosters a culture of inclusivity and understanding, laying the groundwork for lasting peace and prosperity. Moreover, as individuals and societies evolve in their adherence to the Golden Rule, they inherently recognize the interconnectedness of all life, leading to a deeper appreciation for the sanctity of human dignity and the preservation of peace. Thus, the Golden Rule serves not only as a moral guideline but also as a catalyst for the ongoing evolution towards a more peaceful and enlightened world.

"Treat others as you want to be treated" is one of the reasons the Charter for Compassion was created! A universal law found everywhere from sacred text of various religions to oral traditions from indigenous, and simple rule of being a good human, the Golden Rule has the power to unify, and evolve our society.

Join us on Friday, April 5 for a day full of conversations, panels, and presentations online for anyone in the world to participate with the “Lens of the Golden Rule.” How do we see topics such as the environment, social justice, healthcare, immigration, race and many others through the lens of the Golden Rule. 


12 am PT - Expressing the Golden Rule Through the Creativity of Arts with Sharon Davson, National Arts Coordinator of Australia

Join Lynne Reeder and Sharon Davson in conversation on the role of creativity in human connection. This conversation will draw on Davson’s art journey in expressing compassion through a visual medium, and will include images of her paintings including Offering Gratitude Together, Turning Point, On the Ark of Salvation, With Gratitude Comes Growth.  This session will be a visual and expressive session with the National Lead of the Australian Compassion Council Dr Lynne Reeder, and the Australian Coordinator of the Arts Sector, Sharon Davson.  

Sharon is a well-known Australian artist who uses spiritual ideas along with her love for nature to create beautiful, uplifting images. She pre-sold her art since 1984 to collections including Aveda in Minneapolis USA, World Book Encyclopaedia in Chicago USA, and the TRAK Centre in Melbourne. Her art is represented in royal, celebrity and other collections, with museum collections including the Hikaru Museum in Takayama, Japan, and the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin, Australia. 


2 am PT - Conversation with Sheryl Webster, author of Kindness Rocks

Meet Jonny Heart, a rock star whose melodies bring happiness to all who hear them.

Author Sheryl Webster and illustrator Robert García beautifully unfold a heartwarming tale that inspires readers of all ages to spread joy through acts of kindness. Join Jonny on his quest of self-discovery, and let this enchanting story remind you that sometimes, the smallest gestures can create the most significant impact.


4 am PT - We and Us: How can we embed the Golden Rule in our communities?

Hear from the Global Compassion Coalition’s (GCC) Compassion Connectors: Suzy Dzimbiri from Malawi, Uwlaka Uchechukwu from Nigeria, and Pablo Mountford from Argentina, moderated by Matt Hawkins, COO of the GCC and learn how individuals can be active in their communities by helping people really feel seen and heard as they align their activities with the Golden Rule.


7 am PT - “Youth Voices in Politics”

The Charter for Compassion’s Youth Network gathers for the first time in an hour long webinar to discuss politics and compassion through the lens of the Golden Rule.

We discuss what we want from the people that represents us in the government and the importance of participating in our communities by voting and being civically active.

9 am PT - "Alice's Adventures in the Golden Rule Land"

With Dr. Nayana Shah who is an international scientist –a theoretical quantum physicist– dedicated to living a conscious, compassionate and creative life illuminated by a constant inquiry of truth.  Join her in a 90 minute journey of inquiry as she explores the Golden Rule inside out and outside in. Bring your curiosity and open mind and be prepared to go down a rabbit hole!

Dr. Nayana Shah is a member of the Parliament of the World's Religions Board of Trustees.

Webinar Hosted by In Defense of Animals, Interfaith Vegan Coalition, and Animal Interfaith Alliance.

11 am PT - Conversation with Laura Silva Kirkpatrik, author of The Invisible Gift/El Regalo Invisible

On the day of her sixth birthday, Fiona is filled with excitement, although she's finding it hard to let go of the number 5, her favourite. However, she receives an invisible gift that embodies a great life lesson and reveals wisdom and maturity beyond her years.

"The Invisible Gift" is an endearing story about ecological responsibility, about the impact of doing our part and about the value of what really matters.


3 pm PT - “Laudato Si' & the Golden Rule”

The lead volunteers for the Arts, Environment, Healthcare, Peace, RISE (Religion Interfaith and Spirituality for the Earth), and Social Justice sector get together in a 70 minute webinar to discuss the intersectionality of Compassion through different issues affecting humanity. The conversation is centered around the Laudato Si, an encyclical letter that Pope Francis published in May 2015. It focuses on care for the natural environment and all people, as well as broader questions of the relationship between God, humans, and the Earth. The encyclical’s subtitle, “Care for Our Common Home,” reinforces these key themes. See how it’s all interconnected through the Golden Rule.


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