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Peace on Earth


Peace has both an inner and outer definition. Our Peace Game and movement cultivates both.

Inner peace is the deep state of equanimity of being in harmony with self, others and the Earth.

Outer peace has a negative and positive definition. The negative definition is the absence of armed conflicts. The current 110 armed conflicts are reduced to zero or de minimis. A positive definition is the cultivation of the seven peace practices or competencies deployed in the Peace Game within an individual and their circle of influence such that the person becomes a person of peace and radiates it in the world. 

Peace on Earth by 2030 is defined by both outcomes with these seven peace practices becoming a new social norm for humanity and practiced community by community worldwide. This is the goal of our Peace on Earth by 2030 movement. 

What it looks like is that human beings feel safe, peaceful and at ease. They see one another as brothers and sisters and the world operates from these seven peace practices in its communities, businesses and social systems. This creates the fertile soil needed for deep transformation to take root enabling humanity to address the issues required to evolve into an enlightened species. 

These are the eight principles of our global peace movement and represent our theory of change. They are premised on this insight from the preamble to the UNESCO Charter. “Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed.”  

  1. Peace on Earth requires the transformation of people's hearts and minds. 
  2. Peace on Earth emerges from people and communities and then political leaders follow.  
  3. Peace on Earth is a learned competency of seven peace practices that can be cultivated by individuals. 
  4. The Peace Game teaches these seven peace practices in a playful way which significantly increases learning and in a community setting which establishes them as new social norms enabling long term adoption. 
  5. Peace on Earth starts with the individual but comes to fruition when people in a community practice these enlightened ways of relating to one another. At this point the community becomes a Peace on Earth Zone. 
  6. As each community experiences the well being of its residents and the community-at-large from a Peace on Earth Zone, other communities are naturally attracted to these benefits. Diffusion of Peace on Earth Zones occurs organically and effortlessly. 
  7. A date specific time – Peace on Earth by 2030 – held in the hearts and minds of humanity galvanizes our collective will to act.
  8. Peace on Earth is inevitable when enough people and communities experience the individual and community well being offered by the Peace Game and Peace on Earth Zones. We have everything needed to create Peace on Earth by 2030! 

These peace principles are actualized by our knowledge of personal and community empowerment, second order change, and the science of tipping points.


Engaging the World

  1. Individuals, groups, non profit and faith-based organizations, businesses and communities around the world are invited to play the Peace Game and engage their networks.
  2. When three peace teams of three in a geographic area successfully complete the online Peace Game they are eligible to apply for a Peace on Earth Zone start-up grant. 
  3. Along with the grant, successful applicants are provided a robust support system. This includes Peace on Earth Zone training and coaching, support groups, master classes and participation in a regional Social Change 2.0 Study Circle to build their capacity in second order change. See Africa Peace on Earth Zones to learn more about this transformational model.
  4. A global communication campaign will inspire humanity with the vision of Peace on Earth by 2030, hope for our future, and belief in ourselves. It includes social media memes, short and feature length films, musical events, and global peace grid meditations.
  5. Each year on or around the UN International Day of Peace, September 21, a global peace event will be held to celebrate progress toward achieving Peace on Earth by 2030. It includes honoring the accomplishments of Peace on Earth Zones, Peace on Earth Partners and Peace on Earth Teams.



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