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Compassionate Las Vegas

Compassion Resolution

Resolution of the City Council of the City of Las Vegas
to Embrace Compassion as a Key Value

WHEREAS, on October 7, 2015, the City Council considered an agenda item to recognize the Compassionate Care Movement, which included a proclamation by the Mayor to designate that day as Charter of Compassion Day in the City of Las Vegas; and

WHEREAS, in several subsequent years, the City Council has recognized winners of the City’s Compassionate City Awards; and

WHEREAS, as of 2016 the City has been recognized as Compassionate Las Vegas, a participant in the Charter for Compassion movement; and

WHEREAS, in furtherance of the goals of the movement, the City Council indicates its desire for the City of Las Vegas to continue its role in an international network of leading cities worldwide to embrace compassion as a key value; and

WHEREAS, by becoming part of a Compassionate City, Region, or Nation, citizens become empowered to develop a sense of kindness, cooperation and hope; and

WHEREAS, the City Council desires to continue to indicate and reaffirm its support of the Compassionate Cities Initiative, in concurrence with the Charter for Compassion, as instituted by the organization Charter for Compassion International; and

WHEREAS, compassion is furthered by engaging the public in community-wide services and activities in support of compassion, in schools and in other organizations; and

WHEREAS, scientific research reveals that early intervention with policies of compassion with at-risk youth shows great promise for positive change; and

WHEREAS, shared responsibility with neighboring jurisdictions for the safety and empowerment of those without a place to call home is an act of compassion; and

WHEREAS, a significant means of affirming the Charter for Compassion is to create and support programs in support of compassion awareness, policy and activity; and

WHEREAS, the City Council desires to indicate that compassion is not just a key value for the City of Las Vegas, but something that should be built intentionally into the culture of the Las Vegas community on every level; and

WHEREAS, the City Council desires to invite City staff, community groups, clubs and schools to uphold compassion as a key value that should find expression throughout the community.

NOW, THEREFORE, BASED UPON THE FOREGOING, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, to embrace compassion as a key value and to support the exploration and development of policies and programs that integrate compassion into the daily life of the Las Vegas community.




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