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Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal

Four-month-old boy Sonit Awal is held up by Nepalese Army soldiers after being rescued from the rubble of his house in Bhaktapur - one of several remarkable survival stories amid the death and destruction in Nepal. (Amul Thapa/Kathmandu Today/AP)


Dear Friends of the Charter,

Being a partner of the Charter in these very difficult days after the destructive earthquake here in Nepal feels really good and it is a great help to us emotionally.

May I kindly request you to find ways to support us. There is so much suffering -it is beyond description. Much to our sorrow, our school for beggars' children has been destroyed beyond repair, so is the hostel for the children of the poor, and the home for handicapped children as well. Luckliy we found wonderfully motivated volunteers who are ready to take the buildings down to save the children before they are getting hurt by walls tumbling down. How we will continue is still a big worry to us. The children are quite traumatized and they need a regular school life again.

Dear Friends, please send us your encouraging thoughts -we do need them badly.

Very warm regards,
In the name of all the Shanti Family,
Marianne Grosspietsch


Note from CCI: We hope that you will get in touch with Marianne at Shanti and find how you might be able to help Shanti's projects. As you may know, Katmandu is one of our compassionate community movements, organized by Sujan Pariyar. In addition to Shanti, we have two other partner organizations in Nepal. You can click on their names below to learn more about their work. It is our hope that our compassionate cities and communities, their partners and our individual members will respond to the needs of Nepal at this most critical time.


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