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Human Bridges

Our current world is largely shaped by isolation and social tensions. Our future literally depends on our self awareness, social skills and compassion that can grow from deepened understanding. During this time there is a critical need for uplifting/brave spaces that nurture curiosity, openness and empathic dialogue across differences. The Human Bridges platform is designed to support individuals to realize their opportunities for personal growth and collective action. 

Human Bridges is facilitated by Crossing Borders Education (CBE) - a non-profit organization for personal transformation and dialogue across differences.

The primary objectives of Human Bridges are to create  interactive programs around thought-provoking media and films, which:

  • Strengthen Resilience by connecting people deeply through the art of story
  • Enhance Dialogues across differences by developing dialogue skills and social awareness
  • Inspire Civic Imagination and support engagement in purposeful actions

In this short video participants describe how we are building nurturing community through our interactive programs.

Human Bridges introduces practical and innovative ways to foster deep connections and create engaged virtual communities. We do this through our unique, media-enhanced, interactive Virtual Peer Dialogue method that was developed by Crossing Borders Education (CBE). During three intentional and safe sessions, you will experience empathic dialogue that will practice your core skills to engage actively within global communities. We will connect around thought-provoking media from CBE, who are dedicated to developing life skills and character through the power of film, dialogue and purpose.

Check our events calendar to see when new Human Bridges programs are being offered or contact us to indicate that you have a group of at least 12 individuals (or more) who wish to participate in a group and we will help facilitate a group conversation for you.



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