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Life Purpose Groups

The Life Purpose Group helps us to take the nexts step in humanity’s evolution, from “me alone” (Homo Sapiens) to “us together” (Homo Universalis).

  1. The first step is “awakening”, understanding root causes of our dysfunctional behaviors, coming to peace with old traumas and wounds, and connecting our true, deeper Self with the Universe. Re-appreciating our lives like curious, small children.
  2. From this awakened stage we can connect with others in a shared resonant field of love in a Life Purpose Group, and be supported by others in igniting and pursuing our true life purpose.
  3. When we know our life purpose and can connect with others as One, we can seek people with similar life purposes to co-create the peaceful, joyful and sustainable world that our hearts desire – Paradise on Earth.


If you feel an urge to contribute with more in your life, and to continue evolving together with other conscious persons in a small, intimate group – joining a Life Purpose group may be a good next step for you.

Visit the Life Purpose Website to learn more and sign up to participate.


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