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Who We Are




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The Charter for Compassion (CFC) Teams are primarily a volunteer group of dedicated individuals, each bringing to CFC their special talents and commitment. Located all over the world, the teams functions virtually and where there are several people in one geographic area, in person. There is a weekly teleconference staff meeting where participants review their work and contribute to and make decisions on current CFC work.  Also, many of the volunteers are facilitators on our regularly scheduled CFC sector and theme-based conference calls. 

The Global Team helps support the daily operational work of the Charter, its cities and communities campaigns, Charter sectors and contributing to overseeing and contributing to the Charter's website. They also work on special Charter initiatives such as the Charter Tool Box, the Grassroots Wisdom Book and help create informational materials on the Charter.

In addition, you'll find links to our geographic teams located throughout the world.  As the Charter continues to gain momentum these groups are continuing to grow. The role of each of these geographic hubs and task forces are outlined here. Each task force and hub expands the work of the Charter for Compassion by fulfilling the following strategies:

  • Increases the number of cities and partners within its geographic region.
  • Assists in deepening the level of involvement in initiatives by addressing the issues that make their communities “uncomfortable” places in which to live.
  • Works with city initiatives by encouraging the alliance of to twin (sister) cities to participate in cooperative projects and to invite that city's involvement with the Charter.
  • Extends the Charter’s network by connecting organizations within the geographic region to the Charter’s existing sectors (arts, business, education, environment, healthcare, peace, religion/spirituality/interfaith, restorative justice, science and  research, social justice, women and girls).
  • Introduces the Charter for Compassionate Schools to individual schools, district and county systems.
  • Initiates and sponsors local and national events to highlight the mission and vision of the Charter.
  • Supports special endeavors and projects of the Charter for Compassion.
  • Contributes to the social networks operated by the Charter and to newsletters.
  • Contributes to the Annual reports and others publications generated by the Charter.
  • Assists in keeping an historical record of Charter happenings within the geographic Hub.
  • Assists in the on-going membership campaign for the Charter and the fundraising efforts.



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