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Welcome to the Women and Girls (WG) Blog!  The blog supports the issues that are of concern to the WG sector.



We envision a world in which all girls and women reach their fullest potential for global transformation, holding compassion as our driving force.



The mission of the Charter for Compassion Women and Girls, is to provide a platform that would enable and foster the partnerships of our Charter Partners who encounter and advocate on all issues, such as those related to gender equality, education, feminine leadership,and spirituality. All who explore creative solutions that contribute to promoting the creation of a balanced and peaceful global community are embraced and supported. With our Partners, we aim to co-create lasting healing one heart at a time for swift and regenerative change of our communities and our world.

Click here to send your blog. You'll be directed to the "Contact the Charter" page.  Please submit your text in the message field. Blogs are listed below.  Click on the title to be directed to the blog itself. 


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