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ArtistTree Project

Environmental Compassion Made Visible

ArtistTree Project is an online gallery, a place to share wonderful work that makes environmental compassion visible. Our goal is to include artists all around the world, so everyone can find inspiration to connect and act compassionately towards the trees and forests that are so crucial to all life on earth. 

If you are an artist in any medium who cares about the environment and have artwork that fits this project please contact Paula.

Sharing art that expresses our love for and interdependence with trees is a great way to encourage environmental compassion in others. It is part of the Compassion Tree Project, which is not only about planting 7.7 billion indigenous trees – each tree representing one person on the planet - it’s also about re-greening our communities with other native plants, especially pollinator species as well as plants that provide food and medicinal benefits to the local residents.



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