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Zeitgeist Mission

Education, growth and community for the spiritually independent

Our Vision

We create opportunities for spiritually oriented people to connect with teaching, events, and one another in an environment that supports contemplative, interfaith and perennial values.
Why are we doing what we do?
  • The future of spirituality will not be limited to traditional faith institutions or paradigms.
  • Studies show that more and more people are turning toward new ways of experiencing Something Bigger than themselves.
  • Those who are not attached to a traditional theology or church community may not be aware of alternative ways to grow their spiritual understanding, experience, and friendships.
  • Zeitgeist creates connection for those seeking growth, whether through dedication to a particular faith tradition, with an independent approach, or as a self identified, “none of the above”.
We believe 
  • The Truth lives in many faith traditions, and also beyond them
  • Authenticity is critical in our relationship with The Divine and others
  • Inclusion, diversity, and cultural humility connect us in Great Love
  • Contemplative & non-dual spirituality grow us beyond the limits of institutional constructs
  • “The spirit of the era" can deepen our connection with Spirit

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA



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