Golden Rule 3.14 Group


The path of the Golden Rule 3.14 Group is the path of beauty in diversity and unity even in the midst of social myth. We believe in the term Ubuntu, "I am because you are.  You are because I am.  We are one."  Our mission is to develop the Golden Rule as the common language that will bring unity and a feeling of Ubuntu back to our communities.

Diversity may be addressed by creating an outer group that focuses on The Platinum Rule of treating others as THEY want to be treated.  Inclusion occurs when all members become part of the inner group and are inspired by a shared vision of The Golden Rule of treating others as YOU want to be treated.  By exploring PIES, the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a social order, we’ll assist groups in connecting with a common language that creates unity within the community.    

Once unity has been established, members of the community will use an encouraging heart to model the way through the steps of a hero’s journey to compassion. Hope will be cultivated as a common language  enables self, others, and the community to act.   Individuals and organizations will challenge the process and transform diversity and inclusion into a win/win social order.

Location: Austin, TX, USA

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