Green World Campaign


The Green World Charter grew out of the Green World Campaign (, a nonprofit charity that since 2006 has worked on 3 continents to restore degraded landscapes and renew struggling communities through treeplanting and eco-agriculture. It was founded by Marc Ian Barasch, author of The Compassionate Life, in a spirit of “green compassion.”

The Green World Charter encourages all people of conscience to join together to restore the ecology and economy of the world’s poorest places. Whether one tree or millions, everyone can contribute something to an epochal task: ““ReGreen the World in One Generation.”

OUR MISSION is to help restore a billion acres of degraded land by 2030 through treeplanting and eco-agriculture, alleviating poverty, increasing food security, and drawing down carbon from the atmosphere into the soil. Together we can catalyze a global movement to “plant a seed of spirit in the soil of the world” and change history.


  • Urge your community to divest from carbon stocks and re-invest in putting that carbon back into the soil with reforestation and regenerative “eco-agriculture”.
  • Sign the Green World Charter and share it with your friends. We will present millions of your signatures to the U.N. Conference on Climate Change in Paris (COP21) to show our global commitment to “ReGreen the World in One Generation”.
  • Help plant more trees in places of worship, schools, communities and public spaces. (Send us descriptions and photos of your activities –especially with geo-coordinates–and we’ll show them on a Green World Map!)
  • Support organizations that help “regreen” communities in the developing world that struggle to survive on the front lines of climate change.
  • Support farmers who practice eco-agriculture to build healthy soil and protect biodiversity.
  • Educate your community about how “regreening” can also address moral imperatives like hunger and poverty. Highlight the urgent need for bold action to restore and protect the Earth for future generations.
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