Green Releaf Initiative


We are a community–led transition initiative supporting transitions in emergencies and crises using whole systems design. We form our team depending on the local context and experience.  To engage local ownership, we focus on  empowering local leadership across sectors ,cultures, genders, and generations. 

How may we use change as an opportunity for the new story?

This is the guiding call of Green ReLeaf. We are an initiative with communities affected by radical shifts to support them in their transition from survivors into thrivers.

We journey with community leaders to respond, adapt to, and prevent emergencies or crises. We see them as the best responders and supporters of other affected communities, because we believe the people who have also survived loss and displacement hold keys to the wisdom of resilience that can support those who are undergoing the same

Our Vision:

Thriving community ecosystems practicing and showcasing regenerative solutions in the face of climate change and other radical transitions.

Our Mission:

Through regenerative design and solutions, we inspire, empower, and model the many benefits of whole systems to support resilience and regeneration in communities.

Our Goal:

To activate, demonstrate, and catalyze regenerative practices and model communities through education, empowerment, and earth care. 

Location: Philippines

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