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About Now.Here
Now.Here. is a social enterprise that remains steadfast in doing what we do best - help people stay true and make a difference by mobilising them to become agents of positive social impact through mastering the skills of compassion (ie: compassionate communication, self-leadership, mindful self-compassion) for self, others and the Earth.

Our Mission
We help people to experience happiness, flourish and contribute to a better world.

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Compassion for Earth
We have seen extensive media coverage on environmental issues. Limited government leadership, businesses focusing on profits rather than on sustainability. Students going on strikes. Fingers pointing at different groups of people. Many are overwhelmed by the amount of data painting a disastrous future if we continue to let things be.

What if the circumstances "around us" were, in fact, a reflection of the world "within us"? What could we, as a collective of individuals, do within our power to protect and provide for the Earth?

Compassion for Earth is an initiative that goes beyond mere data and information, to bring you a portfolio of concrete solutions including workshops, eco-leadership programs and many more to heal ourselves and heal the Earth.

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Treasure Earth


A fun, simple and engaging way to cultivate an environmentally- conscious organisational or community culture, Treasure Earth is a mobile app that helps the people in your organisation or community take daily concrete steps towards healing the earth.

What Treasure Earth can do for you?

• Increase the outreach of your green efforts and track their effectiveness
• Encourage environmentalism
• Cost efficient CSR - easy to roll out and implement
• Earn advertising revenue and/or garner donations

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