Nan Tien Institute


Nan Tien Institute (NTI), located on Australia’s picturesque South Coast of NSW, just south of Sydney, is the country’s first Institute of higher learning grounded in Buddhist wisdom and values. This innovative learning environment has grown from a belief that education is an essential part of a life-long quest for knowledge, skills, and wisdom.

Our vision and mission are to provide a place for cultural exchange and to broaden students’ knowledge and perspectives through subjects covering the arts, philosophy, humanities, business and science. As part of a dynamic international learning community that spans Australia, the US, and South East Asia, we offer innovative and distinctive subjects and courses designed to enrich and enhance lives.

NTI offers an education with a strong foundation focused on multicultural and practical life applications. NTI is one of 5 tertiary education facilities established worldwide by Fo Guang Shan monastic order's Venerable Master Hsing Yun. Along with our sister universities: University of the West in Los Angeles, California; Nan Hua University and Fo Guang University in Taiwan and Guang Ming College in the Philippines, NTI has the infrastructure to provide a strong support network for students (including future international exchange opportunities).

NTI aims to be recognised internationally for our outstanding location, unique teaching methodologies, world renowned lecturers and researchers, and high-achieving and enlightened students. With a $40 million campus opposite award-winning tourist attraction Nan Tien Temple, NTI has the facilities to support students in all academic endeavours.

Our Mission

The Mission of Nan Tien Institute is to educate students in a context informed by Buddhist wisdom and values through the academic study of the arts, education, human welfare, religion and other disciplines, and facilitate cultural understanding and appreciation between East and West. The courses and research projects aim to foster academic study through reflection and experiential learning in order to make constructive contributions to humanity and society.

Our Vision

The Vision of Nan Tien Institute is to support and inspire learning and the pursuit of research and creative practice that provides the local region with a place for the exchange of western and oriental arts and culture, and contributes to the advancement and integration of knowledge, cultural and ethical understanding for the benefit of humanity in an increasingly complex and globally interdependent world.

Our Values

The Values of Nan Tien Institute, which we seek to nurture in our students, and express in both our academic life and the administration of the Institute, are:

Compassion – openness to and awareness of our interdependence with others; being present to others; empathy with and kindness to others, especially those who are suffering.

Wisdom – inquiry, understanding and appreciation of the history and insights of traditions and disciplines of knowledge, not least Buddhism and the social and health sciences; contemplation and deep reflection; the prudent application of what we learn.

Committed Service – a sense of vocation in the service of all living beings, and an ordering of our priorities and energy towards the needs of and opportunities for our community, our country and our world

Practice – time for reflection and development of ourselves; mindfulness and concentration, moment to moment, day to day, to bring compassion and wisdom to each interaction with others; communicating truthfully, working harmoniously, doing no harm, and acting ethically in our professional roles.

Location: Unanderra, New South Wales, Australia

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