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At Gwen Pinnington Consulting & Coaching, we facilitate individual and collective effectiveness that is purposeful, empowering and based on a higher-level consciousness so that individuals, cultures and communities can thrive.

Our aim is to build inspired and productive communities that practice shared leadership that is wise and effective. These communities can be sectors, organisations, teams, schools, global communities and even family/personal communities. Inspired and productive communities live and breathe compassion, honest high-integrity communication, shared conscious leadership, trust, and profound authenticity to deliver great results.

  • We build trust by putting truth on the table and inviting different perspectives, whilst always coming from a place of compassion and highest intention for outcomes, people and the world.

  • We have compassionate and crucial conversations with each other to let go of that which does not serve us, individually or collectively.

  • Our work encompasses You, Me and We. We honour and allow each other’s genius to inform the team.

  • We operate from the belief that people are doing the best they can at any given point in time with the resources and consciousness they are operating from.

  • Courage and Vulnerability must exist together and are necessary in our team and in our work.

  • We put our families first and we make time for fun… in addition to working hard

Location: Hobart, Tansmania, Australia

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