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Phase 1: Determining Issues

Build Compassionate Communities

Phase 1: Determining Issues

Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat on Unsplash

Many of the partners and members of the Charter for Compassion have worked together to develop the Issue tool below. The List of Issues below includes 21 topics with related questions that any community may use to reflect on and discuss. The questions will be helpful in making an initial evaluation and identifying issues that may be addressed through compassionate action. The list and the questions may not be exhaustive, but we hope that they will give you a good place to begin.

Determining Issues will help you to:

  • discover the community’s strengths—which can be celebrated and serve as a foundation for further building a Compassionate Community
  • discover the “discomforts and fears”--those challenges and issues that bring pain and suffering to individuals or groups in the community
  • assist in designing the big picture in your community so your initiative can focus on the most significant issues for compassionate action

By exploring this tool you may find new or related issues to your original thinking. Let your experiences and heart be your guide as you explore the issues.


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